Why the WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom Dish?

Glass Bottom Dishes

WillCo-dish® glass bottom dishes we designed (1996) in response to the optical and environmental needs, created by High Resolution Live Cell Imaging. Glass bottom containers are a requirement, when using High Numerical Aperture coverslip corrected objectives. The WillCo-dish® design insures a flat coverslip for optimal imaging. The coverslip is flush with the warming-stage, which:

• Provides optimal and equally divided heating of the cells on the bottom of the dish, which is of major importance!
• Ensures that there are NO optical aberrations, especially in live cell applications
• Ensures that there is NO lateral shift in Z

NOTE:   WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom dishes, they DO HAVE A FLAT coverslip bottom, which will NOT introduce lateral
             shift in Z, show NO optical aberrations NOR differences in temperature on the bottom of the dish, whereas an
             evenly devided temperature of the liquid is very important, especially in live cell applications.


To keep the glass coverslip bottom flush with the stage-warmer, as well as a flat coverslip bottom, it is essential to have a firm dish, with a solid wall.

Because of these very important issues, the WillCo-dish®-es do not have the familiar thin outer steep-walled shape. The contrary, they make a firm and robust first impression on the Microscope Technician. Still, they look fantastic!

When picking up the dish from a warming-stage, you can see why they look so solid; the dish has an integrated outer ring, which ensures safe handling of the dish and your live cells.

You do not have to worry about the lid, when picking-up the dish, because it has a smaller diameter than the dish. The outer ring gives you a secure grip on the dish and its valuable contents, your cells.

You will enjoy working with the WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom dishes and we will be most happy to place your comments in "REFERENCES" in our site, to tell your Colleagues what your experiences were, working with the WillCo-dish®-es.